Audit Committee

Between board meetings, the nine member Audit Committee helps carry out mandates by the board in management of the association. Each member holds office for the term of one year. Elections are held each year at the annual meeting of the board in November.

Specific areas of responsibility include: building and grounds maintenance (1st vice president); member recruitment, grant writing and fund development (2nd vice president); record keeping (secretary); and care, custody and responsibility for all funds (treasurer).


2017 Officers

  Ted Ralston
  Bruce Macdonald
  Phil Bauer

1st Vice President:
   Scott Dervaes

2nd Vice President:
  Pat Medveckus

  Tim Kezele

Past President:
  Mark Roberts

  Bruce Macdonald

Human Resources:
  Sharon Kaffer

1st Member at Large:
  Keith Axelson

2nd Member at Large:
  Tracy Geiss


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