The Key Peninsula Civic Center Association was incorporated on April 10, 1956. Lead by president O.S. (Ollie) Whitmore, the civic center was originally part of the Vaughn Union High School. On inauguration day, some 750 residents and guests gathered to celebrate the purchase of the property by the community from the Peninsula School District #401 with a formal dedication dinner-dance. Among the attendees were the attorney general and his wife, Pierce County commissioners, the chairman of the school district and mayor and vice mayor of Tacoma.

The vintage facility is lovingly maintained by community volunteers and managed by a dedicated board of directors.


Past presidents, since 1982

1982-1983: Tom Van Slyke
1984-1985: Mike Salatino
1986-1987: Vicki Henschel
1988-1989: Dale Loy
1990-1991: Stephanie Zampini
1992-1993: Ed Taylor
1994-1995: Terry Thomas
1995-1996: Tim Kezele
1996-1997: Mike Coffin
1998-1999: Marty Marcus
2000-2002: Dave Stratford
2003-2004: Betty Kelley
2005-2006: Phil Bauer
2007-2008: Ben Thompson
2009-2010: Bruce Macdonald
2010-2011: Phil Bauer
2011-2013: Bruce Macdonald
2012-2014: Mark Roberts
2014-2015: Phil Bauer
2015-2016: Ted Ralston, Bruce Macdonald, Mark Roberts, Phil Bauer



Mike Salatino
Feb. 5, 1942 - Oct. 3, 2010

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"Key Peninsula Community leader passes", Gateway article

Articles about Mike Salatino's KP Lions' Club 2009/2010 "Citizen of the Year" award: Gateway & KP News

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