Board Meeting Minutes





2017 Audit Committee

Keith Axelsen
Phil Bauer
Scott Dervaes
Tracy Geiss
Sharon Kaffer
Tim Kezele
Bruce Macdonald
Pat Medveckus
Ted Ralston
Mark Roberts

2017 General Board Members

Kris Barton
Julie Boardman
Tom Boardman
Peggy Gablehouse
Norm Gannon
Eric Geiss
Claudia Jones
Claudia Loy
Dale Loy
Loyd Miller
Jud Morris
Kirsten Roberts
Rick Sorrels
Ed Taylor

Appointed Members*

Chris Quill, Boy Scouts
Norman Brones, Fresh Food Revolution Co-op
Jena Henak, KP Baptist
Judy Mills, KP Hist Society
Claudia Jones, KP Fire Dept
Lou Mauk, KP Seniors
Bruce Macdonald, KP News

*Appointed Members with affiliate organizations do not vote on business before the Board, although their opinions and ideas are always welcome.


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